Allegiance Mobile Health acquires portions of AmeriCare EMS - Texas

Nov 24, 2015

Livingston, Texas, November 21, 2015:  Allegiance Mobile Health has acquired the assets AmeriCare EMS’ operations in Polk, Angelina and Nacogdoches Counties. AmeriCare provides Mobile Intensive Care Unit Ambulance services and is the 911 emergency ambulance provider in Polk County.  Combined, Allegiance will operate a fleet of over 50 ambulances in East Texas and the addition of the AmeriCare brand demonstrates Allegiance’s commitment to bring world class healthcare to rural communities.

Members of the community and fellow first responders can expect to receive the same high quality, professional service that they have come to expect from AmeriCare over the past decade.  “We are excited to add the AmeriCare EMS brand to the Allegiance Mobile Health family of companies.  We look forward to working with the local community to enhance our services and continue to exceed their expectations,” said Ricky Powell, President for Allegiance Mobile Health. “The addition of these professionals and the ability to provide service to this area will only continue to make Allegiance’s operations stronger,” commented Heather Hamilton, Vice President of Operations.

Allegiance Mobile Health is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas and is the state’s largest privately held ambulance service. Allegiance provides medical transportation and 911 emergency services throughout the state with over 1,200 employees, operating 300 vehicles out of more than 40 stations. The Company is also the sole provider of 911 services to 24 communities and completes in excess of 250,000 transports annually. The company’s service territory touches over 6 million residents covering urban, suburban and rural areas.  This is expected to double to a population of 12 million in 2016.  This scale in Texas and the company's reputation for being a trusted provider of top tier patient care, has enabled Allegiance to expand its offerings to include initiatives in Mobile Integrated Health.