Allegiance Mobile Health to Provide Emergency Medical Services for City of Gregory

Aug 18, 2015

Gregory, TX:  The City of Gregory City Council unanimously approved the ambulance services proposal submitted by Allegiance Mobile Health.  Units will be responding from the Portland EMS station located approximately 5 miles outside the city limits of Gregory. Allegiance Mobile Health is also seeking to add ambulances inside the City of Aransas Pass to support the additional volume from Gregory and supplement the lack of any EMS resources in Aransas Pass. Currently the City of Aransas Pass has no ambulances within their city and rely on ambulance services from Ingleside to respond to 911 calls.  Allegiance has already reached out to the City officials of Aransas Pass to propose an offer that would drastically cut their current subsidy costs and add two ambulances inside the city limits. Allegiance Mobile Health is the premier 911 provider for the coastal bend area with 911 contracts in the City of Portland, the City of Rockport, the City of Fulton, Aransas County, Areas of unincorporated San Patricio County and now the City of Gregory.

Allegiance Mobile Health is the largest privately owned provider of ambulance services based in the State of Texas.  Headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, Allegiance operates a fleet of over 300 vehicles and a staff of nearly 1,000 employees.  Allegiance Mobile Health currently provides 911 emergency ambulance service to 16 communities across the State of Texas and responds to nearly a quarter of a million medical calls annually.

Members of the community and fellow first responders can expect a seamless transition of their emergency medical services.  “We are excited for the opportunity to serve to the citizens of Gregory and look forward to building a relationship that will last for years to come.  Allegiance is dedicated to providing a high level of emergency medical care that the community has come to expect.  The City of Gregory can rest assured that Allegiance will be steadfast and ready to take care of their loved ones during their time of need,” said Daniel Gillespie, Vice President for Allegiance Mobile Health. 

Allegiance Mobile Health will take over operations on October 1, 2015.