Mission, Vision & Values

Allegiance Mobile Health was built on guiding principles that shape every aspect of how we operate:

  • Compassion – deeply caring for our patients, partners, customers and colleagues.
  • Leadership – striving for excellence in all we do.
  • Integrity – holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, compliance and honesty.
  • Modern – diligently pursuing leading-edge technology, training and techniques.
  • Benevolent – existing for the purpose of doing good and improving the delivery of healthcare.

These core values are represented by the acronym “CLIMB” which is a daily reminder to always move upward through continuous improvement in order to achieve ever higher levels of execution as individuals and an organization.

These core values are the foundation to achieving our goals to:

  • Become a top decile private EMS agency in the US through operational excellence
  • Provide a nationally recognized top quartile quality of service
  • Lead the industry in long term financial strength and stability
  • Participate as a leader in Population Health